The MIM Digest


201712 Digest – Selfies

201708 Digest – Yes, I still Do

201706 Digest – Legacy

201704 Digest – Systems

201703 Digest – Change

201612 Letter – A Year of Firsts

201611 Letter – Giving Thanks…

201610 Letter – Dichotomy of Everything

201608 Letter – Education

201607 Letter – Perspective

201606 Letter – Being Different

201605 Letter – How Did I Get Here


The Make Impact Mondays Digest (AKA The Mark Borst Letter)  is a monthly publication that I write and share (via direct mail) with my friends, family members, and clientele.  If you like what you see above and would like to be included in that group, please click here to enter your mailing address and your email address and I’d be happy to include you.