How do we duplicate a success like Belichick

The New England Patriots are about to play in their Eighth Super Bowl appearance under Coach Belichick and Quarterback Tom Brady, winning five of seven so far dating back to 2001.

The year 2000 was Belichick’s first season with the Pat’s.

Other than Belichick and Brady, there are very few of 52 other players on the roster that have been there for all the success.

Belichick, knowing Tom Brady’s strengths and weakness’, has been able to create a system that is essentially plugged and play. This process of system creation is an always moving, growing and expanding with ONE thing kept in mind… Establishing an internal culture that preaches team-first accountability and the elimination of outside distractions is rule number 1 in the locker room. In turn, this culture of accountability forces players to either be at the top of their game or be replaced. This may seem harsh but when a system or documented approach is put in place, the players don’t matter. The System matters.

What if we document the process that leads to success?

At 21 years old, I walked in Jimmy Johns for beer money. A month in I was making good money delivering sandwiches, but it was chaos, and this was affecting my tips. Most people would probably just quit. Instead, I did something about it. Within months I was now the manager and then gained an equity position as a franchisee. WOW, I had no real restaurant experience and no real management experience, but I had a desire to make it the best it could be.

Once I had equity, Jimmy (yes, THE Jimmy) started having meetings with me and a couple key people on my team. His suggestion was simple. “FOLLOW THE F***ING SYSTEM I HAVE ALREADY PROVEN!”

Those words were magic to me. The store already had most of the tools, but they were getting dusty in the file cabinets.

Less than a year later, I was named the Franchisee of the year.

Just like Belichick, and Jimmy created systems… we, as a part of a larger group around the country, have created a system our Documented Approach.

The Patriots… Jimmy John’s…. The Value-Driven Approach to Sell Real Estate

The players, the managers, the house for sale…none of that matters when the system is solid and proven.

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