Real Estate Solutions

Q: What Area/Type of Real Estate Do You Specialize In?

That’s a topic that comes up in conversation a lot, particularly when I am introduced to people for the first time.  It’s a fair question, I suppose.  However, our response is almost always the same, “We go to work where (the right) people need my help.”  It really isn’t much more complicated than that.  Especially if the opportunity has come to me by way of referral from my past clientele.

We focus more of our attention on the people and the process than we do on where the actual product (home/property) is located. Because we’ve found, in our twelve-plus years as a Realtors/Brokers, that when you are working with good people and they buy-in to your process, everything else seems to take care of itself.

A: We Go To Work Where (the Right) People Need My Help.

A large portion of our business year-in-and-year-out comes from working with repeat customers and referrals that come by way of doing right by those folks.  As a result, we am willing to go where they need me to go.  Sometimes that means selling a home in Illinois and helping make a move to Northwest Indiana.  Or other times it might mean selling two investment properties in Hammond and investing in a larger investment class.  We’ve also had quite a bit of success working with move-up buyers and/or people relocating into or out of the Tri Town Area.

Said differently, we specialize in making the real estate transaction experience as efficient & predictable as possible.  We aim to meet people exactly where the are at that point in time and help them progress toward the next stage.

Specifically, here are some ways that we can help you or anyone else you may refer me to.