Q1 Event in the Books. Thank You

Hey Team, Last night was fantastic.

IMPACT CLUB was a huge success again.

The energy in the room was high right from the start.

Each event is getting bigger and better. Last night we had politicians, business owners, and philanthropic people from all over Northwest Indiana come together as a community within a community helping those in need right in our backyard. This is what IMPACT CLUB is all about

During our launch event back in November, being a new concept to Northwest Indiana, no one knew what to expect. And for me, November was high stress and nerve-racking. Like most people, I’m not a fan of talking in front of groups of people, but last night was much better. I felt more confident and like most things, repetition and practice are the key to growth. I still have ways to go in my group presentation skills, but at a minimum, I will have four times a year to improve this skill with all of you by my side!

First off, I want to again thank 95ate5 Brew Pub and Billy Mix for opening up for us on their night off, the atmosphere was great and beer was top notch as usual. And of course, all three fantastic charities that presented, Judy Earnshaw from Phil’s Friends and, Rick Peltier from Franciscan Health Foundation, and Linda C. Perez from St. Jude House.

With the Help of our past members and the addition of some new members we presented a check for $4400 last night to St. Jude House

Just a short 72 hours before our event we had a major shift in our registration process, going to a fully automated payment system while introducing our new website www.ImpactClub.com

Thank you to all our founding members that have already transitioned over. There are a few more that still need to make the move, call me if you need help on the conversion.

For those of you that still want to join IMPACT CLUB, it is not too late. Go to
and fill out the registration information. When you get to the check out screen….be sure to check this box….

(OPTIONAL) Please apply my first donation (today) to Impact Club – Tri Town’s current non-profit winner

This $100, will go directly to St Jude House via IMPACT CLUB and you will get a cool shirt and membership card in the mail, on me.

Stay tuned for details of our next event, and feel free to reach out with any questions.


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