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Impact Club allows us to take our small donations and make a huge impact in our local community.

It’s kind of like crowdfunding for good local causes, but we make it extra cool.

Here is how:

We meet 4 times a year for 1 hour, (typically at a brewery, winery, or some fun venue in town). We all pitch in $100. We gather, get a drink, and then we hear from 3 non-profit organizations doing work in our community. These 3 charities get 5 minutes and a microphone (that’s it) to tell us their story.

Then we all vote for our favorite of the 3 of the night. The organization with the most votes wins the pot. That’s when we hand over the combined $100 payments.

With 50 members, we can hand over $5,000 in one night! (50 members x $100).

Cool huh?

All members have the chance to nominate their favorite local non-profit prior to the event, so the 3 charities are picked from that pool of nominations.

Our next event is March 5th, 6:30-7:30 pm at
95ate5 Brew Pub in St John

Anyone can join.

As a member, you’ll be able to be a part of giving an unforgettable gift to local organizations doing amazing work in our community. You don’t have to attend the events to be a part of the Impact Club, so there is zero time commitment. It’s just $100, 4 times a year.

Currently we have 50ish members. What if we had 100 members? That would mean handing over $10,000 in one hour! We would all be equally responsible for that gift. That amount is a serious game changer for these organizations.

By nominating charitable organizations that you care about, you give them a chance to receive something far greater than what any of us could do for them individually.

I know $100, four times a year is a financial commitment. But I can tell you firsthand (and I believe the other members would agree with this) that being at the past event and seeing our collective impact in action was one of the best $100 investments we have ever made.

There is ZERO overhead or fees taken out of our donations. 100% goes straight to charity. You get a tax-deductible receipt directly for your $100 donation.

Beyond our donations, Impact Club produces professional videos of each non-profit that speaks at our live events, so that we all can share their impactful stories far beyond our members.

What do think?

Are you game?

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Mark Borst Featured on 1 Million Cups on WJOB taking about IMPACT CLUB 


Free drinks for members. All ages event.
Come join our movement of awesomeness.

Again, the next event is March 5th, 6:30-7:30pm at 95ate5 BrewPub in St John

Be a part of something really special going on in Northwest Indiana.

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