Create a Brand that scares $30 billion from the stock market in two hours!

Did you see the news yesterday, Jeff Bezos along with Warren Buffet and Jamie Dimon are considering starting a Healthcare Business? The only way to be included in this proposed plan is to work for Amazon (or any of Jeff Bezos’ many companies), Berkshire Hathaway or JPMorgan Chase. While this may seem odd these three companies are in charge of 1.2 million employees.

While traditionally Buffett is known for his conservative Value-Driven approach to business, Bezos is the master of disruption in any market he puts some focus on. Together along with Dimon, this will be a game changer in the industry of Healthcare.

Their promise is cheaper costs, partly achievable based on the model they are creating. The plan is that executives in these three successful businesses will be steering the new company but NOT as a profit center but more like a NON-profit.
This is great news for those 1.2 million people, but not so good for traditional insurers. Collectively all the major insurer’s stocks lost $30 BILLION in valuation in just the first 2 hours post announcement.

We can all agree that healthcare needs to change, and I for one am so glad that the change will come from inside the business world without mandates and bloated top end bureaucracy. Only time will tell where this all leads, but when just an announcement of an idea can shake up an entire industry…The time is ripe for a disruption.

Disruption can start anywhere at any time. Below is a Picture of Jeff Bezos in his office in 1999. It all started with a Vision, a Work Ethic while being able to execute.

Wherever you are in life right now, dream big and TAKE ACTION you never know where it can lead

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