Champions are Developed NOT Born

Yesterday was the culmination of a successful Hockey season for Brogan’s Squirt Team. It was the end of the season banquet. The Hockey Program that Brogan plays for is about 12 teams spanning ages 6-14 averaging 15 kids per team. So just shy of 200 kids honored for their hard work and dedication to a team sport that takes hours of practice consisting of failures and successes.
The team that Brogan was a part of this year was a blend of many factors that had never been all together before. The coaches, the players, the parents. The dynamic will probably never be the exact same ever again. Not for a specific reason other than players grow, mature and develop skills at different rates.
We must cherish what we had.
We placed at the top of our seeding round in pre-season. We won 2 of the 3 tournaments that we skated in. We won our regular season division taking home the Presidents Cup Banner, and we finished off the season by winning the Championship of our Division Tournament. These 16 boy’s names will be raised to the rafters on two separate banners at the ice arena. It is pretty cool accomplishment for 9/11-year old’s to be a part of.
So…What is next?
Just two months ago, Alabama won the College Football Championship game under coach Nick Saban. After the game Inc magazine had a great article on what is next for his players in Saban’s mind.
“In 24 hours, you probably need to move on,” Saban said in his press conference. Saban is the highest-paid college football coach in America, and, by most accounts, the hardest working. According to The New York Times, Saban has “nothing left to prove” after winning his sixth national title. But, as Saban points out, “It’s not about winning the championship. It’s about something more than that.”
Saban believes that when people focus on constant improvement and staying ahead of the competition, the outcomes–the national championship or the big sales win–will shift in their favor.
The real estate industry, a very competitive commodity. The competition brings winners. The stats of the industry, years in the making. I see it all the time. This agent or that agent talking about how many homes they sold last year.
Does it really matter?
If Brogan’s Squirt Hockey team, before the game following their championship tournament win, just told the other team how great they were… Is that team going to lay down… NO. They need to go out on the ice and show them the success with actions.
According to Nick Saban, “focus on constant improvement to stay ahead of the competition”
Over the coming weeks/months, we will be releasing a series of white papers showing the success clients have achieved from implementing The Value-Driven Approach to Sell Real Estate. We documented our approach, but we are constantly improving the implementation and interpretation within 24 hours after each closing.
Success is great, but in 24 hours, you need to move on!
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