What is Make Impact Mondays

I would like to welcome you to The Make Impact Mondays (MIM) Website. The first and most obvious change for me was that I do not want this website to be about me or selling Real Estate, I want it to be about how we as a group of individuals can make our world a better place.  And just to define our world, I mean the world we live in every day… no matter if it’s the six-foot of personal space around us at all times or how we engage with people via social media, email, phone calls, etc. The things we have direct control over, YES we have control over our own lives at all times.

So what’s with the Name?? Well, simply stated I want to encourage all of you to make it a habit of making IMPACT to those around you. The simplest way to create a habit is to start small and then build on this so if you could just start with one day a week, MONDAY, generally the least productive day of the workweek. If you, each of us, could do one (1) act of kindness no matter how small next Monday then each and every MONDAY after that building to two acts each Monday and go from there. Then after time maybe starting three weeks from now, add Tuesday, so we have two days of IMPACT weekly. Then go from there, my goal is that each and every one of you reading this will be going out of your way on a weekly then daily basis to make IMPACT in the lives of others within our own community.

Now what kind of IMPACT are we talking about? I don’t expect us all to be curing cancer or building a school in a third world country (at least right now – we can work towards that.)  I’m talking about holding the door for the person behind you, saying hello to a stranger as you make eye contact, telling a friend they are beautiful, hug your spouse and tell them you love her/him, hug your kids, call a friend you haven’t talked to just to say Hi. These are just a few of the free things we can do that not only can make an impact on the receivers but also on you, the givers; it puts you in a place of happiness. How about buying a coffee for a stranger, or donating toys to the animal shelter. There are endless things you can do to MAKE IMPACT MONDAYS a success in our community.

In Combination with Tri Town Advice Givers, Impact Club Tri Town and #MakeImpactMondaysProject our goal is to make the world a little better and continue to learn and grow here in the region.


ABOUT THE EDITOR- Make Impact Mondays was created by Mark Borst to bring Making IMPACT in others lives is a simple task and to spotlight the same in print, online and on social media.  Mark Borst has been married to his beautiful wife, Lisa since 2001 and they have two boys Xandru and Brogan who are both active in School, Sports, Scouts achieving high marks in all that they do. Mark Borst is an entrepreneur and an innovator of the real estate industry, Mark Borst is a collaborator on the “Value-Driven Approach to Sell Real Estate” project and is the Broker/Owner of Versatile Real Estate Solutions LLC. Borst has been called “a committed philanthropist” for his mission to raise/donate over $10,000 to medical-related charities each year Mark is also a leader in the Northwest Indiana business community, including sitting on various boards past and present. Mark can be reached at Mark@MakeImpactMondays.com